adj. of one of the embryonic renal glands, of the early kidneys, pertaining to the mesonephros (Embryology)

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  • Mesonephric — Mes o*neph ric, a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the mesonephros; as, the mesonephric, or Wolffian, duct. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Mesonephric tubules — Latin tubuli mesonephrici Code TE E5.; E5. Mesonephric tubules are genital ridges that are next to the mesonephros. In males, some of the mesonephric kidney tubules, instead of being used to filter blood like the rest, they… …   Wikipedia

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  • mesonephric duct — n WOLFFIAN DUCT * * * an embryonic duct which, initiated in association with rudiments of the pronephric kidney, is taken over as an excretory duct by the mesonephros, and develops into the epididymis, the ductus deferens and its ampulla, the… …   Medical dictionary

  • mesonephric duct — noun : the efferent duct of the embryonic mesonephros persisting as a functional ureter in females and as a urinogenital duct in males of lower vertebrates in which the mesonephros is the definitive kidney and as the genital duct in males of… …   Useful english dictionary

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